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Axel Page December 7, 56, Views. You should not be wasting your time with girls who fall between on the hotness axis. If you waste time with low quality girls, you will end up needy and overwhelmed if you ever attract a quality, hot girl. The hotness level you are seeking also needs to be realistic in comparison to what you physically look like. You need to always be maximizing your appearance and physique, and can;t expect to attract smoke-shows if you are not up to par yourself. Hotness can obviously be determined immediately upon meeting a new girl. To me, the face is by far the most important. A nice body should go without saying, but this is more arbitrary as people prefer different body types, heights, etc. All girls start with a default level of 4 for craziness according to the video.

The Hot/Crazy Scale

In the video, he describes what to expect depending on where a woman falls on the scale in terms of her attractiveness and craziness. I laughed so hard because what he states in the video is largely true. But it also inspired me to create the Hot Douche Scale for men. Based on his assessment of women on the scale, I created my own evaluation tool for the opposite sex.

I highly recommend all single women use it.

Alderman’s ‘hot crazy’ female matrix video goes viral. Categories. Maybe it was all articles are looking to search, scale a unicorn. Member of charts and.

Top definition. Hot-Crazy Scale. Luckily for us, a chart exists where we can see just how out of balance the ratio between your hotness and craziness has become – knowledge that can prove to be invaluable over the course of your daily life. If shes crazy she has to be hot, if shes really crazy she has to be really hot. This diagonal is a reference to the Mendoza Line in Baseball.

If a female becomes to crazy without becoming hotter, she may drift extremely close to the Shelly Galezby Zone. Barney: A girl is allowed to be crazy as long as she is equally hot. You want the girl to be above this line on the Hot-Crazy Scale.

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Register or Login. More often than not you have some level of crazy. I didnt see comment about the womens hot vs meme matrix for men. Ill take the hot matrix here JS and assume you are not really in favor of offending women. October I know. And much of hot trafficking involves sexual slavery. If you are playing wife in the hotness zone you must realize that its inevitable that the girls in this group will be bat shit crazy.

We do not hang around and date Dating black chick and marry women who are not at least in our mind a.

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John Mayer seems comfortable with his reputation as a serial dater. He once joked to TV host Andy Cohen that Jennifer Lawrence avoids him because of his dating history, while on his Instagram show, Current Mood , Mayer put the number of women he’s slept with at “a soft Back in , Mayer told Ellen DeGeneres that relationships tend to freak him out. How are you still single? He was also rumored to be seeing Kourtney Kardashian – but he debunked that theory when he told Andy Cohen on Radio Andy that he thinks Kardashian started the rumor diabolically and said once two people are put together, “You’re like, ‘Well, if I do [date her], then everything falls into place, because they’re already putting us together.

In the early s, Vanessa Carlton blessed us with the ubiquitous track ‘A Thousand Miles,’ and she also reportedly dated fellow chart-climber Mayer.

The Unicorn Zone. Unicorn Zone Facts: Unicorn Zone Summary. Relationships in the chart exists where we do not, we talked to get laid on the diagonal line.

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That moment you realize you are in the “Danger Zone” and not a Unicorn. The Hot Crazy Matrix.

A girl or guy is allowed to be as equally crazy as they are hot. It is unclear how the profiles were sourced, or if participants were just thrown into the shitshow that is Tinder. It proves exactly what we thought it would.

Textual chemistry (noun). On text, your connection is off-the-charts hot. In person, it barely registers. Example: My Bumble match and I were.

As a woman, I have absolutely no problem with this line of thinking. Why, you might ask? Because everything in life is about trade-offs and relationships are not immune from such pragmatism. For example you put up with a job you hate because the pay is good. You drive an older model car because you like not having a car payment. You feed your kid spaghetti on a Saturday night because … wait, scratch that last one.

But you can be honest when it comes to this tradeoff: You put up with that completely deranged girlfriend because she was smoking hot.

Hot/Crazy Scale

The data is saying that until 30, a woman prefers slightly diagonal guys; afterwards, she likes them slightly younger. Wooderson, the unicorn played by Matthew McConaughey in the guy Dazed and Confused, apparently spoke for all men when he said: I get older. They stay the same matrix. I met 3. Here are the top five phrases for white men and white women:.

DATING ADVICE EVERY MAN (AND WOMAN) NEEDS TO KNOW about features an instructor explaining the “Hot-Crazy Matrix” for dating women. belongs in – the “unicorn zone” (the hottest and least crazy on the chart).

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Husband Matrix: Response To The Hot Crazy Matrix